February 2015

3 SoSCC sponsors a performance of Timber composed by Michael Gordon, and presented by NOVA chamber music series and percussionists of the Utah Symphony in Salt Lake City, Utah. Timber is a meditation on sound and rhythm, bringing the physicality, endurance and technique of percussion performance to a new level. In a unique intermission “Percussion Discussion”, SoSCC founder Glenn Prestwich interviews percussionists Keith Carrick and Eric Hopkins in order to better understand the connections between the chemistry and biology of wood and the techniques that percussionists use produce a varied palette of sounds.

12  SoSCC attends the musical premiere of Libby Larsen’s work for string quartet as performed by the Fry Street Quartet with Professor Robert (Rob) Davies, at the Caine Performance Hall in Logan, Utah. SoSCC will help co-sponsor the expansion of this next generation of the Crossroads Project, known as Emergence, which will comprise art, music, and the spoken word to highlight personal involvement with global sustainability.

September 2015

22  SoSCC is sponsoring the creation of the video component of Crossroads/Emergence, the next chapter of the Crossroads Project, premiering in its full context with music, script, and imagery at the Caine Performance Hall in Logan, Utah.  Libby Larsen’s work for string quartet will be performed by the Fry Street Quartet with script by Rob Davies, performed by actor Robert Scott Smith, and featuring video projections by Conor Provenzano.   Crossroads: Emergence  joins Crossroads: Rising Tide as the second chapter in a growing collection of performances bringing the power of performance art to bear on the social science of human systems and global sustainability. See blog for news and photographs.

November 2015

6-7  SoSCC is a contributing co-commissioner  to a new percussion concerto, Switch, composed by Andrew Norman and  premiered by percussion soloist Colin Currie and the Utah Symphony in its Masterworks series. SoSCC founder Glenn Prestwich will interview Andrew in a pre-concert lecture, moderated by the symphony’s VP for artistic planning Toby Tolokan, in order to help the audience understand the composer’s concept for the piece (Switch is a “game of control”). We’ll explore scientific analogies and metaphors related to this game of control,  and we’ll discuss and play excerpts from the score to provide the audience with milestones and a roadmap to  navigate their experience of listening and observing the first performance of a new work. Please see the blog for news and photographs.

December 2015

4-5 SoSCC is a contributing co-commissioner  for Control: Five Landscapes for Orchestra, an orchestral work by Nico Muhly, with videography by Josh Higgason. Inspired by the beauty of southern Utah’s iconic landscapes experienced by Nico during the Utah Symphony’s Mighty Five Tour in Summer 2015, Control will be premiered by the Utah Symphony in its fall Masterworks series.  SoSCC founder Glenn Prestwich will interview Nico and Josh in a pre-concert lecture, with the goal of providing the audience with a sonic roadmap as well as a framework to understand the geology, meteorology, chemistry, and biology that created the remarkable structures, shapes, and colors of these landscapes. For more information, please listen to the live interviews on KSL5 with Nico Muhly, Josh Higgason, Thierry Fischer, and Glenn Prestwich. 


April 2016

29 Andrew Norman’s Switch, co-commissioned by SoSCC, had its New York City premiere by the Utah Symphony performing at Carnegie Hall.

October 2016

8 SoSCC has commissioned Reaction Yield, an innovative work about synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry to be composed and performed by Third Coast Percussion in association with the exciting Ear Taxi New Music Festival in Chicago from October 5-10, 2016. Reaction Yield draws the analogy between the creation of a new composition of music from motif building blocks of tones, aural colors, rhythms, dynamics, and tempi with the process of creating a new composition of matter using a chemical catalog of molecules and a synthetic strategy. Please check out the workshopping video in June 2016 with Glenn preparing videos and stills of TCP composers David Skidmore, Rob Dillon, Sean Connors, and Peter Martin hard at work (and play!). More information will soon be posted in the blog section, with photographs, video, and audio files.

You can now read and see more about this premiere, which took place on Saturday evening, October 8, 2016 in the Harris Theatre in Chicago. The performance of Reaction Yield by Third Coast Percussion was acclaimed as a highlight of the Ear Taxi New Music Festival !  Check out the great articles about the premiere  from the Chicago Tribune review and the  Chicago Classical Music Review! More information will soon be posted in the blog section, with photographs, video, and audio files.


April 2017

27 SoSCC has commissioned a work titled Negative Expanse by UC Berkeley composer  Jon Kulpa and performed by the Friction Quartet. Themed on the dramatic orbiting and “descent” into a black hole, then collapse to a quantum singularity, this piece has been created for installation/performance in science venues, planetariums and other suitable spaces. Negative Expanse will be premiered with live performance by Friction Quartet in combination with an electronically interactive sound system in the UC Berkeley Mining Building as part of an astronomically-themed program entitled Spaced Out


Spring 2018

TBD SoSCC will commission Augusta Read Thomas to compose “Folding“, a chamber work based on the process of protein synthesis (primary structure) and protein folding (secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structure).